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If you want to order a copy of a birth, marriage, civil partnership or death certificate please fill in the copy certificate form.

If you are researching historical information about yourself please see our Data Protection page.

Use this form to:

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  • Pre-order documents to be ready when you visit the Northamptonshire Record Office
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  • Donate an item
  • Book a researcher

Before you complete this form, please note the following:

  • You can find information on our opening times and how to find us on our contact or visit us page
  • You can pre-order up to eight documents in advance of your visit, in order to do this, when filling in the ‘relevant details’ box, please provide us with your reference details at least one working day before you visit

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Please avoid giving us lots of background information, but do give us all the relevant details we need to answer your question, including date(s), place(s) and name(s).

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